Date :
Time :
09:00 PM
Location :

2 Raum

Address :

Escher Wyss Straße 9, 88212 Ravensburg


Hey Hey very spontanous Gig tonight. Rocking the house together with Tilli The Kid!! Who will be there with us?

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A big thing is starting… #BringUsTo… 03:00 PM

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22 Tue

Academy Night 2018 – The Golden Twenties @ Kultclub, Ravensburg

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02 Wed

Hirschgraben Afterparty @ Lüderitz, Ravensburg

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16 Tue

Eric van Thorn @ Willi goes B-Phase

2Raum im alten Kühlhaus 10:00 PM

Hey guys there are great news for you! Eric is playing on tuesday at 2Raum Club. Unfortunately Daniel has important things to do…

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